måndag 11 juli 2011

Message of a movie

It is something beautiful, I promise.

I've been really excited about watching a movie called Beastly. It's about a man who is all about his looks, hating anything ugly. He gets a curse and turns "Ugly" (really beautiful imo) and shit goes down blabla.

The thing is thats been bugging me for a while now. The message of this movie, it hurts me bad. It comes out wrong! Its like saying"Oh hi, I cant be around you because your ugly", I mean its a pretty movie and all but it comes out all wrong, watch it and youll understand exactly what I mean.

I think that any person is beautiful. Beautiful, ugly, slim, fat, chubby, red hair, brown hair or black hair? It doesnt matter, there is things no one else have, your eyes or whatever.
Be proud! You are beautiful in any way there is, why be like everyone else.

Fuck the world. People who see how strong you are, how comfortable you are will notice the true beauty within the humans.

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