måndag 11 juli 2011

OH and I almost forgot.

The picture of the tattoo I made as promised!
Made on my friend Micha, Im not sure how long it took, kinda forgot the time.

Its her Zodiac, Aries and her favourite flower.
It will be more extended with time, falling flowers perhaps?

Message of a movie

It is something beautiful, I promise.

I've been really excited about watching a movie called Beastly. It's about a man who is all about his looks, hating anything ugly. He gets a curse and turns "Ugly" (really beautiful imo) and shit goes down blabla.

The thing is thats been bugging me for a while now. The message of this movie, it hurts me bad. It comes out wrong! Its like saying"Oh hi, I cant be around you because your ugly", I mean its a pretty movie and all but it comes out all wrong, watch it and youll understand exactly what I mean.

I think that any person is beautiful. Beautiful, ugly, slim, fat, chubby, red hair, brown hair or black hair? It doesnt matter, there is things no one else have, your eyes or whatever.
Be proud! You are beautiful in any way there is, why be like everyone else.

Fuck the world. People who see how strong you are, how comfortable you are will notice the true beauty within the humans.

tisdag 24 maj 2011

Terra Nova

It is finished I guess haha. I lost hope on the background and the surroundings but I was pretty happy with the dryad. Also, weird boob is weird. Anyways, it was a pretty fun piece to work on (except for the background that is) and I learned something from it, which is the most important thing.
Don't have much more to say about this except for.. Enjoy!


torsdag 19 maj 2011

I admit.

Okay! I admit! I've been really really really bad. *Slaps self*
Im gonna be more active, I promise but my head has been this huge mess lately made of school, drawing, tattooing, friends, drama-friends and so on. Help me anyone? I'd trade my life for one day if I can just get a vacation. :c
Atleast I got Daniel, he saves the day with his wonderful morning latté he makes me and those sooo amazing sammiches, NOM.

Anyway, as I said i've been tattooing, I was gonna show pictures but unfortunatly I forgot my camera in my friends bag when we were out dancing the other night. (Friday, a week ago but whatever. My head reminds me of mashed potatoes with some ketchup. God I need help. :D )

So what's new?
I can gladly tell that I got 4 tattoo appointments next week, classmates that wants a purple dot. Kinda cute really.
I colored my own tattoo out of boredom.
I got accepted to a new school and will be starting in august. (I'm frikkin' happy about this thing, I'm starting college!)
I'm madly inlove, still after being together with Daniel for 9 months all together. Lived together for 4 months.
I'm alot happier! Sun makes me smile, I love walking around in shorts!
I got addicted to a golfing game.

I could go on forever but wth.

Before I poof out, going to bed and cuddle that beautiful chocolate cake of mine i'll give you a picture of Sheldon, who's eating his foot for some reason (while cleaning himself)


I know you love it. <3


onsdag 18 maj 2011

Don't fear the Creeper

I just thought I'd share this one because it just felt spot on. If you're not a Minecraft nerd then you probably wont get it... so start playing Minecraft bitches!

onsdag 11 maj 2011



These are quick concept sketches for a personal project of mine that, once again, Conny inspired/told me i should do after I saw his project: Adam's Dream(click and check it out btw). I barely got anything figured out for this except that it's going to be fantasy/steam punk-ish. The main character will probably be this girl named Zoe with two robot arms that works for some kind of organisation that gathers information from all over the world to fill their library. They are basically hungry for knowledge but they don't plan on using it against anyone. It's just that the information they got in their huge ass building will be tempting for others so they need to stay protected and gain allies that helps them. Well that's the basic idea. I have no idea how it will turn out later but that's the fun part, you get to explore, experiment and learn c:
All in all it's just something to keep me drawing and inspired.

Oh and that hairy lizard thing is kinda like a camel/dromedary mixed with a gecko and iguana. It's supposed to be an animal that you ride through deserts and such.

....and if you got any suggestions for a name for this project, please leave your suggestions in a comment here or on my Deviantart if you'd rather do so c:


tisdag 10 maj 2011

Våfflor & Hallongrottor




Baked some lovely raspberry cookie thingies this weekend using this recipe (it's in Swedish). Well Hannah did most of the work but I helped! ...Really!
And for dinner we we whipped up a waffle batter, took it all in to the living room with the waffle iron and made them there while watching TV. Best waffle dinner I've ever had <3


But sadly, Hannah's got a major head ache right now so I'm going to make her call herself in sick and rest for a few more hours. Maybe force her to take a painkiller for the head as well. Kill da pain oh great Ipren-mannen.