torsdag 19 maj 2011

I admit.

Okay! I admit! I've been really really really bad. *Slaps self*
Im gonna be more active, I promise but my head has been this huge mess lately made of school, drawing, tattooing, friends, drama-friends and so on. Help me anyone? I'd trade my life for one day if I can just get a vacation. :c
Atleast I got Daniel, he saves the day with his wonderful morning latté he makes me and those sooo amazing sammiches, NOM.

Anyway, as I said i've been tattooing, I was gonna show pictures but unfortunatly I forgot my camera in my friends bag when we were out dancing the other night. (Friday, a week ago but whatever. My head reminds me of mashed potatoes with some ketchup. God I need help. :D )

So what's new?
I can gladly tell that I got 4 tattoo appointments next week, classmates that wants a purple dot. Kinda cute really.
I colored my own tattoo out of boredom.
I got accepted to a new school and will be starting in august. (I'm frikkin' happy about this thing, I'm starting college!)
I'm madly inlove, still after being together with Daniel for 9 months all together. Lived together for 4 months.
I'm alot happier! Sun makes me smile, I love walking around in shorts!
I got addicted to a golfing game.

I could go on forever but wth.

Before I poof out, going to bed and cuddle that beautiful chocolate cake of mine i'll give you a picture of Sheldon, who's eating his foot for some reason (while cleaning himself)


I know you love it. <3


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