torsdag 5 maj 2011

Good old May snow.... wait what?


I'm not usually the one to complain about weather but I was caught pretty off guard when it started snowing heavily last morning. I don't think I've ever experienced snow in May over here in Sweden before. Oh well, it melted pretty damn quick so it's all good and sunshine now :D

We got our broadband yesterday, as I mentioned in the previous post. You have no idea how crippled you are until you lose internet for a couple of days. It's more horrible than a fork to your eye... okay, maybe not, but it's pretty far up there on the list.
But now I'm going to be lazy for an hour or so, make lunch, get my ass down in to town to leave some important papers and do some grown up things like that before I head off to the library(Norrköping Stadsbibliotek) to find books to draw from...and then, of course, force Hannah to do some bloging herself >:U She even have the camera in her purse at school so she should do something. Fyyyyyyyyyy.


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