onsdag 4 maj 2011

On the move

Oh what the hell, I'll just post a couple of the picture of our move. Didn't take any of us actually moving stuff because we were in too much of a pain to think of the camera. Seriously, it still hurt a couple of days later!

Anyway, here's mine and Hannah's room before we started fixing it up. I hope we'll be able to clean it up during the weekend at least... but it's so blue <3

Our moving help got a bit tired after the heavy lifting, a nail to his hand and a whole pizza.

Hannah got the idea of taping up a bunch of A3 papers on to the doors of our closets and draw on them. So we did! Fun shit :D

And lastly(for now), the lovely breakfast with American pancakes and fruits that Hannah threw together next morning despite the pain she was in. Such a good woman isn't she? Love you dear <3
But it was worth it just to have something like that for breakfast on our first morning in our new apartment.

Ok that was all the photos for now, I'm going back to waiting for the guys from bredbandsbolaget so they can get our internet up and then I'll probably go off in to town and find something to do in there. You know. Snatching purses from old ladies and whatever teenagers do these days. Cheers!


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