fredag 22 april 2011

Easter Time

Us going to visit Hannah's mothers friends new restaurant

This time it's Daniel blogging. The girl (lazy bum) is still asleep so I thought I'd just post a random post. Since I'm currently unemployed and working on my portfolio and my girlfriend is on a one week break from school due to Easter, we decided to go visit our mothers quick over the weekend. We've spent two nights at my mothers place now and tonight we'll be going over to her mother and then go with her to a little family reunion before returning home in time for school. That's pretty much how the rest of this week look like in a nutshell.

When I get home I'm going straight back to drawing like hell seeing as I need to get a portfolio together and I haven't even finished the first piece. And before I can finish the portfolio I'll need to finish a price list for art commissions that I'll be opening up on my DeviantART and Furaffinity in an attempt to get in some extra cash until I get a job. So I got a lot to do and no excuse to be lazy.
Oh well, I've run out of things to write now so I'll get back to drawing, trying to wake the sleeping beauty and then go fetch my passport seeing as my other ID is expired.

Cheers and have a nice day

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