onsdag 27 april 2011


I'm honestly really tired, school is sure tiering.

I'm currently working on two peices of art that makes my finger itch each time I think of them.
Both are of my furry, my fursona named Sweet Sundaé, a fox pinup girl, truly she's a cute one.

In other things, me and my dear one are moving on saturday to a new appartment, it's closing up and what seemed like forever is just a few days away now, i'm getting a bit nervous that I wont be able to finish packing in time! God!
I know we will though, taking one step and part at a time, I also really hope I will get up my Comission list on Furaffinity soon, I wont have many slots as it is now because of school but as soon as it's over i'll make sure to open atleast 4 or 5 slots.

Now, back to class, I got computer class right now and it's quite boring indeed.
Lunch after, fish. Makes me sad.
I'll blog with some pictures later.



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